What is the relationship between doctor and patient? There is a doctor-patient relationship between doctors and patients. The doctor-patient relationship is a specific medical relationship between medical staff and patients in the medical process, and it is the key to medical interpersonal relationships.

The doctor-patient relationship is first and foremost a basic human-to-human relationship.

There should be an equal relationship between people. No matter what kind of disease the patient has, no matter what kind of patient the doctor picks up, it is a communication between people, a relationship between serving and being served. This relationship requires equality between people.

The doctor-patient relationship is secondly the friendship relationship.

To be friends, it is important to focus on sincerity, equality, cooperation, and have common or similar ideas and needs. The common need between physicians and patients is to fight the disease together.

The doctor-patient relationship also contains the most sincere relationship.

Although I don't know each other, it is the doctor's duty to receive patients, and it is also the patient's expectation to find a doctor.

The importance of doctor-patient communication.

1. Doctor-patient communication is an indispensable communication between doctors and patients.

Doctor-patient communication is the information and emotional exchange between medical staff and patients and their families in diagnosis and treatment activities. It is a two-way communication bridge built between doctors and patients.

2. Contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of the patient's disease.

Only through communication with patients, doctors can understand all the information related to the disease, so as to make correct diagnosis and treatment, and good communication between doctors and patients can also reduce the occurrence of inappropriate medical behavior.

3. Meet the needs of patients for medical information.

The status and role of doctors and patients in the process of diagnosis and treatment are unequal to a certain extent.

Medical staff master medical knowledge and skills and play a leading role in the doctor-patient relationship. Medical staff should strengthen communication with patients to meet patients' needs for medical information.

4. Helps to reduce medical disputes.

It is extremely important to communicate in a timely manner between doctors and patients, to understand each other, to obtain the greatest degree of close cooperation from patients, and to establish a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.

All a doctor can do is do the best he can to help a patient recover and recover. And, with any surgery or treatment, there are risks. As a patient, all you have to do is trust the doctor. Regardless of whether the surgical treatment is successful or not, we should trust that the doctor will do his best.

Also, patients should thank their physicians for the effort they put into their treatment. On the contrary, the doctor should also understand the patient's situation and difficulties, and give the patient as much help as possible.