Afternoon is the best time of the day, without afternoon tea, it seems that there is less fun. No matter how busy and troubled your life is, as long as you have an afternoon tea snack in the afternoon, you can be comforted in your heart.

Nowadays, living conditions are getting better and better. Many people have the habit of eating afternoon tea, especially those in the workplace. The company will also provide them with some cakes, milk tea and other foods.

Eating afternoon tea can replenish our body energy in time and improve work efficiency.

An afternoon tea is not only a leisure time after work, but also to replenish energy, increase confidence and maintain a state of mind for future work. So what are the common afternoon tea snacks? We together look.

1. Mousse cake

Mousse cake can be said to be the best in cakes. It is made into a thick effect and tastes very mellow. What makes it special is that it is very soft and melts in your mouth. It is particularly smooth and fragrant, which is why it was chosen as an afternoon tea snack.

2. Cream cake

Cream cake is the most classic cake, smooth cream and soft chiffon, no matter how many times you eat it, you can feel happy. Cream cake can be made into a variety of flavors, and the shape is changeable. As an afternoon tea snack, it is not only beautiful, but also delicious.

3. Egg tarts

The egg tart is baked in the oven. The baked egg tart is very crispy on the outside, and the inner layer is yellow solidified egg yolk. The egg and fruit are wrapped in the crust, which is soft and delicious. The egg tart is so delicious that almost no one can resist it, perfect for afternoon tea.

4. Sandwiches

Sandwich is a very typical western food, it is made with two slices of bread and seasonings such as condensed milk. It looks more appetizing, easy to eat, and easy to carry. It is very suitable for afternoon tea snacks.

5. Puffs

Puffs are a sweet from Italy, mainly made of water, cream, flour and eggs. The puffs are very soft and can be wrapped in cream, ice cream, and chocolate. The taste is very varied, and many people love this taste.

6. Apple pie

Apple pie is an American delicacy, a dessert, mainly made of low-gluten flour, apples, butter, bread crumbs and other ingredients. When you are hungry in the afternoon, you can eat a small piece, which can quickly fill your stomach and replenish energy.

It tasted tender on the outside and tender on the inside, crispy and delicious, and it was really delicious.

Of course, with afternoon tea snacks, there must be a suitable tea drink to match. So what are the suitable tea drinks for afternoon tea?

1. Black tea

Drinking black tea in the afternoon can quench thirst, stimulate saliva secretion, make the mouth feel moisturised, and produce a cooling sensation. At the same time, it also stimulates the kidneys to promote the release of heat and maintain the physiological balance in the body.

2. Milk tea

Milk tea is the favorite of many people when they enjoy afternoon tea. Milk tea is a blend of tea and milk. A cup of silky milk tea warms people's hearts and makes people feel happy.

Afternoon tea is not just a few desserts and tea drinks, it is a way of decompression and a unique way to make people face life better and calmly. It is loved because it gives people the opportunity to rest and adjust themselves.