Everyone says that music has no borders, but food has no borders either. Especially for a real foodie! If you had someone who love you deep, you would be the happiest person on earth because they will always find a way to make sure you eat the most delicious snack in the world. And here is the list.

1. Dried Durian, Thailand

Everyone who has tried it says it’s yummy. Crispy and delicious, with a strong durian fragrance, once you’d tried you won’t be able to stop eating. Although dried durian is from everywhere, but none of others can be compared with the local ones. Durians from Thailand is really popular all over the world!

2. Brownies, Korea

The chocolate flavor of the brownie cake is particularly strong, because 52% of cocoa is added, the flavor is full, and it is sweet but not greasy. It tastes hard on the outside and soft on the inside, and very rich in taste. Its texture is somewhere between a cake and a cookie, and it comes in many different styles.

3. Hamlet Chocolate Chips, Belgium

It is from Belgium, a chocolate-producing country. With a thin layer of chocolate chips, the surface is covered with finely chopped crispy rice, which looks like a piece of potato chips. When you put a piece into the mouth, the crispness of the chocolate chips plus the crispy rice are really good.

4. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, USA

This American cake is very famous. It is said that many Hollywood stars rely on it to lose weight. Who doesn't like snacks with ultra-low calorie! Crispy appearance, combined with the coolness of mint, and full of chocolate beans, wonderful taste!

5. KETTLE Crisps, USA

America is a potato chip country! When watching movies and TV shows, Americans always watch TV with all kinds of potato chips in hands. These potato chips are totally handmade without artificial additives! Super healthy, and there are 12 flavors, the most famous salt and vinegar flavor has won a gold award!!

6. Maple Sandwich Cookies, Canada

The country of maple leaves - Canada, maple sugar is very famous. This biscuit contains 100% maple sugar, and it tastes so good with cream and biscuits!!!

7. Nougat, China

The nougat produced in Taiwan's Tang Village is called "the best nougat in the world". It has a delicate taste and is full of creamy flavor. In Taiwan Province alone, this brand has opened dozens of stores, which shows its popularity.

8. ROYCE Raw Chocolate, Japan

Royce Chocolate comes from Hokkaido, which is rich in Japan's top milk, and uses its unique natural properties to combine with carefully selected high-quality raw materials to create Hokkaido's unique chocolate. This chocolate is silky and delicate and tastes even better with ice cubes!

9. Macarons, France

Macarons, known as "Dame's Desserts", are not only soft on the outside and tender on the inside, and sweet in taste, but also beautifully packaged, with excellent color and taste, occupying a high position in the hearts of dessert fans all over the world.

10. Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Chip Cookies, Japan

Shiroi Koibito is a type of chocolate sandwich. One with white chocolate in the middle and the other with milk. Made with fresh milk and chocolate from Hokkaido, it melts in your mouth and is unforgettable!