When it comes to coffee, many people think of classic drinks such as latte, cappuccino, and mocha. But did you know there are some special but still delicious coffees in the world? Take a look at the 7 lesser-known coffees below.

1. Kopi joss

The birth of Kopi joss is actually a "home remedy" created by a coffee shop owner to treat stomach pain. After adding sugar to the hot coffee, he threw a red-hot charcoal directly into the coffee.

No one knows if this cup of coffee has cured his stomach pain later, but since then there is a new member of the coffee family.

As for the taste, some people say that it tastes no different from ordinary coffee; some people say that it has a special caramel flavor; some people say that it really has the smell of burning wood sticks!

2. Egg coffee

It is said that due to a shortage of milk for a while, a barista had a whim and switched to using eggs instead of milk to make coffee. Whisk the eggs until fluffy, with black coffee and cocoa powder, it tastes amazingly like tiramisu + cappuccino.

It is also easy to make this coffee at home, and the ingredients are also very simple, half a cup of coffee, an egg, and an appropriate amount of condensed milk.

Whisk the eggs until the color turns white and the texture is fluffy to about 3 times; add the condensed milk and the beaten egg liquid to the coffee base.

At this time, the condensed milk will sink to the bottom of the cup, the egg yolk liquid will float to the surface, and the middle is espresso coffee.

The layers are clear and stir well before drinking. Just like taking a sip of clouds, it is extremely rich and silky. Sweet and full of egg fragrance, it is coffee and dessert.

3. Cafe Touba

This is a cup of "spicy" coffee, a traditional Senegalese drink popular in West Africa. Grind guinea peppers with coffee beans and brew in a drip. Because the locals believe that pepper has antidepressant, antiallergic and digestive properties. Therefore, Tuba coffee is also regarded as a therapeutic drink in the local area.

4. Qahwa

The word "Coffee" is derived from the Arabic "Qahwa" meaning “plant drink”. Arabica coffee is brewed in a similar way to Turkish coffee. They are used to brewing with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, etc., and the flavor is very unique. In addition to this, in Saudi Arabia, people take coffee etiquette very seriously. When the host pours the coffee himself, it is impolite for the guest to drink the third cup. But if the servants pour the coffee, the guests can drink as much as they want.

5. Turk kahvesi

The most distinctive feature of Turkish coffee, which tastes very strong, is that sugar is added at the same time as brewing, and there is no filter residue.

6. Kaffeost

What will be the new surprise of the fusion of cheese cubes and black coffee? Kaffeost is a traditional food of the Sami people in Scandinavia. Due to the cold local climate, people need to obtain more high-calorie food for energy. Thus, this Swedish cheese coffee was born.

7. Affogato

A very sweet espresso, Affogato means "submerged" in Italian. As the name suggests, it's submerged ice cream in coffee.