British people love desserts, and they have a lot of desserts in their supermarkets! Every supermarket will have a shelf dedicated to desserts, and the types of desserts are also varied. This article will introduce those British favorite desserts.

1. Scone

Scones can be regarded as a kind of dessert that can represent the United Kingdom, right? It is also known as English muffins or English pancakes. However, its popularity does not seem to be as high as that of French and Italian desserts. The main ingredients of scones are flour, barley, oats, sugar, etc.

Some Scones also contain raisins, cheese, dates, etc. Generally speaking, scones already have a little sweetness, but when British people eat scones, they still put jam and cream in them, and the cream is usually clotted cream. Although Shikang looks unremarkable and looks like an ordinary cake, it still tastes quite good!

2. Crumble

Although Crumble originated in England, its inventor was a French immigrant chef. Crumble tastes like cookie crumbs with fruit, which means there is a layer of fruit under the cookie crumbs. Such as apples, rhubarb, peaches, cranberries, etc. The freshly baked Crumble was crispy, and the fruit inside was hot and soft.

3. Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is one of the most popular cakes in the UK. It appeared because, in the past, sweeteners were very rare and unaffordable for ordinary people, and carrots contained a lot of sugar, so people used carrots instead of sugar.

4. Trifle

In the UK, standing in front of the dessert cabinet in the supermarket is often the first to be attracted to Trifle. Because it's jelly and cream and fruit, layer by layer, it looks so tempting.

Trifle has a very long history. Its recipe first appeared in 1596 in a book called "The good huswife's Jewell". At that time Trifle was made of heavy cream with sugar, ginger, and rose spice. 60 years later, Trifle added eggs, Custard, and bread.

In 1747, jelly was added to the recipe again, which is almost the same as today's Trifle! Because Trifle looks good, it basically always comes in a transparent container. Eating trifle on a sunny afternoon and chatting with good friends should be a good choice!

5. Crème brûlée

Bleu is a very traditional French dessert. As early as 1691, a French chef wrote their method into a book. It's crunchy caramel on the outside and soft and smooth custard on the inside.

Custard is made from eggs and whipped cream and then baked. The flavor of custard is traditionally vanilla, but now there are many other flavors such as lemon, orange, and even green tea.

6. Eclair

Eclairs are a classic little dessert that appeared in France in the 19th century. Although it literally means something like butter on the bread, it is said to be so delicious that people eat it so fast like lightning.

The shape of the Eclair is a long strip, so it is very convenient to eat, don't worry about the cream smeared all over the mouth! It is great for afternoon tea or a party!

7. Tart

It is very common in the UK to have a variety of fruit tarts, that is, a variety of fruit piled together with cream, custard, and shortbread. Fruit tarts come in large and small sizes, and you can buy them fresh in many dessert shops. They are very tempting to display in the window!

8. Cheesecake

Cheesecake is definitely one of the most popular desserts. The prototype of Cheesecake originated in Greece, but it is also recorded that the United Kingdom was the first to perfect the taste of cheesecake.

The cake is mainly divided into two layers. The most important part is of course the cheese part, which is made of fresh creamy cheese, eggs, and sugar. The bottom is usually broken biscuits or sponge cake. Some are also topped with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with fruits such as strawberries and blueberries to increase the taste.