When it comes to dressing, many men feel that they are not in good shape and will not look good no matter how they wear them. However, the advantage of dressing is actually that the body contour can be modified through the fabric of the clothes, so that thin people can look stronger, and bloated places can also look stiffer through the fabric.

Learning to dress is a fun and practical thing. After you have the basics of dressing, you can find your own suitable or favorite style from different dressing styles, and continue to study and form your own dressing style.

Men's dressing tips 1: Wear matching colors

Wearing and matching colors is the place where you can make the most changes, but because of the variety of colors, you will be dazzled if you are not careful. So today, I will teach you a few principles of color matching, so that novices have rules to follow.

three-color principle

The goal of wearing and matching colors is to look harmonious as a whole. The more colors, the more difficult it is to achieve this goal. Therefore, we would recommend keeping the color of the whole body within three colors.


One color for the whole body, the most common is the all-black color matching, and the layers are matched through single products of different materials. Monochromatic collocation is usually special in the choice of clothes version, and other features of these items are used to make up for the disadvantage of relatively monotonous colors.

two-color matching

The commonly used colors for two-color matching are black and white/black-brown/white, khaki/blue-white/blue-green/beige, white/blue-orange/blue-gray/blue-brown... There are many combinations of two-color outfits, and it is also the most suitable for beginners. Play and train the number of colors in color matching. Because it can be matched with the same color, similar colors, and even contrasting colors. Therefore, it is recommended that novices can develop color sensitivity in this area.

Men's Dressing Tips 2: The Universal T-Shirt

If you are too lazy to put too much thought into dressing, a T-shirt can do everything for you. As a man, you probably have the most T-shirts in your wardrobe. A refreshing T-shirt is definitely the first choice for wearing. As long as you change different patterns or colors, you will not get tired of wearing it every day. This is the most magical part of it.

The lower body is recommended to be paired with "knee shorts" with a length just above the knee. Cropped pants have long been outdated. Knee shorts are not only refreshing, but also make legs look longer like cropped pants, so don't be shy. , and generously expose your kneecap. But still have a good length, the pants should not be too short or too tight!

You can add a pair of trendy sneakers to your outfit.

Men's Dressing Tips 3: Creating Highlights

Many bloggers will go all black or white, with a pair of shoes or hats that stand out, and even socks can be used as a highlight. Wearing all black with a pair of bright-colored shoes can create an eye-catching highlight for the overall look.

Black and white color matching is recognized as versatile, whether it is wearing a hat, carrying a backpack, or even a bracelet or necklace, you can try it out. Hats can make you more attitude, and backpacks can show a sense of outdoor leisure.