Going to France in winter, although it is not comparable to the heavy snow in northern Europe, the temperature is low enough for people to wrap themselves tightly. To travel to France, a thick large padded jacket is a must, if one is not enough, two. Winter is very cold, but it is also a perfect opportunity for everyone to discover the gentle and subtle beauty of France.

If you go to France in winter, you must go to Alsace. In winter, it is a resort for vacation tourism. St. Nicholas is held here, with parades and performances by dozens of artists in gorgeous costumes. On the beautiful square of Nislas, the lights came on and the performance kicked off. Alsace in winter is full of exotic romance and warmth.

The Alps are also a must, and with the arrival of winter, the Alps are once again a popular tourist spot. This is a white mountain, whether it is skiing or climbing. When standing at the foot of the mountain and looking at everything in silver and white, even if you don't know how to ski, you will be impulsive for a moment.

Because the view here makes you have to put on your skis, that's the best feeling.

Many people have watched TV shows someone sitting on a sled in the snow, being pulled along by several cute dogs. This joy can be experienced in the Vosges Mountains. There are plenty of Siberian huskies here, and it's definitely doubly fun to let them pull you through the snow.

Many of the scenery along the way can be recorded by you one by one while being pulled by the dogs.

Nice is not a big place, but it has a god-given climate. Although it is winter, it can still feel the warm air. No matter in winter or summer, the seaside here is great, the blue ocean, even in winter, many people swim here, and the most beautiful thing here is the natural blue.

The place has a local carnival, and that dynamism makes you unable to move your feet. You can also enjoy the sea and sky at the seaside, and many historical celebrities have come here, such as Picasso, because the scenery here makes him unforgettable, and it proves the beauty of this place.

Lyon's Festival of Lights is also a winter feature. In the first week of December, the Festival of Lights has rendered the entire city extremely colorful. Whether on the street or in the square, there are art masters showing people their performances, grasping people from the visual and auditory senses, and many people will stop to enjoy such a shocking performance.

It is said that Disney in each country has its own characteristics, and Disney in Paris, France is no exception. It is not impossible to spend the winter at Disney. The Marne Valley Park is the perfect place to make an appointment with family and friends to enjoy the most relaxing moments of the year.

Spend a unique winter in this dreamy place, and the Disney parade is particularly eye-catching, fun and entertaining for all ages.

If you come to France on New Year's Eve, you must seize the tail end of the year and go to the beautiful seaside city of Nice or the movie paradise of Cannes to participate in a romantic dance. If you have friends, you can participate together.

If not, then under such an atmosphere, there will be a beautiful encounter. After the dance is over, there is tranquility after the hustle and bustle. You can take a walk on the coast and watch the gorgeous fireworks set off on the opposite side.

Just like France is artistic and romantic, even the fireworks set off and the interweaving of colors will give people a huge visual impact.