There is no free lunch in the world, but in the UK, as long as you are beautiful enough, there is free coffee. This coffee shop is called Pret A Manger, which is very popular among British office workers. Here, 28% of guests get free coffee. In other words, as long as the clerk thinks you are good-looking, you can easily waive the order.

In the UK, a country where coffee is drunk as water, coffee shops are truly treasures everywhere. Coffee is an integral part of British life. Whether students or office workers, they will hold a cup of coffee on the street as a sign to start a new day.

In addition to Pret, there are many chain coffee shops in the UK that are popular with office workers, and the average consumption does not exceed 20 pounds. This article will tell you what the common coffee chains in the UK are!

1. Costa

Walking through England, you will find that wherever you go, there are Costa's red logos, which have been voted as the "most popular cafe" in the UK for 7 consecutive years. In Lambeth, London, in 1971, Costa brothers Bruno and Sergio blended Arabica and Robusta beans in a 6:1 ratio and slowed down traditional Italian roasting. This is the beginning of Costa's classic slow roasting process. Finally in 1978, the first Costaespresso bar opened on Vauxhall Bridge Road in London.

2. Caffè Nero

Caffè Nero, like Costa, is also a local British brand, founded in 1997. This rising star after Costa has almost achieved the results of Costa's 30 years in just 10 years, and it is quite powerful to seize market share strongly!

Caffè Nero means "black coffee" in Italian, and their main brand is espresso. As long as you know a little about coffee, you will know the importance of Espresso to a coffee shop. Coffee connoisseurs can determine the rank of this coffee shop with just a small cup of espresso.

It is worth mentioning that when making coffee, both Starbucks and Costa use 1 shot Espresso, while Nero is 2 shot, which is why Nero has a stronger flavor.

3. Greggs

Greggs from Newcastle, founder John Gregg started by pushing a trolley to deliver eggs and yeast from house to house. Who would have thought that there have been nearly 2,000 stores today. And they're super affordable, just three pounds five and you'll be full.

4. Puccino’s

Founded in 1867, Puccino's is currently the largest coffee shop in the UK with a family-run business model. This century-old store is usually opened on the high street, near tourist spots, and has branches in England, Ireland and Italy.

The best seller is black coffee, which is said to sell 5.5 million cups a year, which is quite impressive. In addition to coffee, there are also some snacks vendors, such as pizza, pasta, salads and pastries.

5. AMTCoffee

AMT Coffee, a British coffee chain, was founded in 1992 by Alistair McCallum Toppin and his two brothers, Angus and Alan. His first store opened in the heart of Oxford. Because it mainly promotes a convenient coffee experience, most of the stores are now located in train and subway stations in the UK.

AMT is the first coffee brand in the UK to use 100% Fair Trade Coffee and 100% organic milk. If you usually only drink organic milk, you can buy coffee from them.

In addition to coffee chains, there are also many independent coffee brands in London. The London Coffee Festival is also held every year, which is enough to prove the enthusiasm of the British people for coffee.