In summer, ice cream cannot be missed. The impetuous mood in summer seems to be relieved and relaxed the moment the tongue touches the sweet and cold ice cream. In London, there are so many super-red ice cream shops, perhaps in terms of taste or shape, they always make people's eyes shine!

This article will introduce you to the most popular ice cream shops in London.

1. Amorino

When you're searching for the best ice cream parlors in London, Amorino is at the top of any list. As an Italian ice cream shop, their wooden tables and chairs, the cookie jars placed on the bar, and the dim lights, show the unique artistic atmosphere of Italy everywhere.

The ice cream in the store is also more like a work of art, and the cones in the shape of roses are very cute. Flavors include popular pistachios, hazelnuts, sea salt caramel, tiramisu, coffee, passion fruit, lime basil, and special flavors of the month.

In addition, the store also has ice cream drinks, waffles, ice cream filled macarons, hot and cold drinks, Italian fruit cakes and other desserts.

2. Milk Train Cafe

The marshmallow ice cream that has exploded on Instagram comes from the Milk Train Cafe ice cream shop. The biggest selling point is that the marshmallows are paired with ice cream and colorful toppings. The photos are simply beautiful!

The ice cream comes in chocolate, matcha, vanilla and random daily flavors. You can choose topping and marshmallows according to your own preferences. If you don’t like sweetness, you can just use an ordinary ice cream ball.

3. Gelupo

If you want to eat authentic Italian ice cream, then you must not miss Gelupo. This is an ice cream parlour owned by the very popular Italian restaurant Bocca di Lupo.

The ice cream in the store has no fancy decorations, but the flavors will definitely make your eyes shine, such as ricotta cheese with sour cherries, bitter chocolate sprinkled with black pepper, cucumber crunchy mixed with cinnamon jasmine fragrance, in the hot weather.

It's a real pleasure to take a sip in your mouth in summer. There are also cakes, sandwiches and some Italian snacks.

4. Yolkin

When macarons meet ice cream, what kind of sparks will be wiped out? Then let Yolkin, the macaron ice cream shop, tell you the answer! Sammie, the founder of this shop, likes to make macarons, but only the egg whites are needed to make macarons, so she combined the egg yolks with ice cream and finally made a creative macaron ice cream sandwich!

There are a total of 16 different flavors of macaron ice cream in the store, strawberry powder, mint green, and clove white macaron shells are matched with different colors of ice cream. When you bite into it, you can not only taste the softness of macarons, but also the coolness and sweetness of ice cream, which is really tempting! In addition to macaron ice cream, the store also has milkshakes and ice cream balls sold separately, as well as desserts specially for vegans.

5. La Gelatiera

It is not easy to create your own brand in the lively Covent Garden market and attract attention. La Gelatiera has attracted a lot of ice cream lovers with its unique flavors, which are different every day in the store, such as blueberry cheese walnut, honey orange rosemary, spicy chocolate and so on.

Among them, the pistachio flavor won the championship of the best food in London in 2015! The ice cream is made of fresh ingredients, low-fat, without any additives, and you can see the ice cream making process through the glass window in the store.

In addition, the store also has hot and cold drinks, ice cream cakes and other desserts.