Flowers are a symbol of beauty for people. If it is a flower field, you stand in it, and you will feel refreshed and happy. Here are the top five most famous flower fields in the world!

1. Provence Lavender Garden

Romain Rolland famously said: "The French are romantic because they have Provence". Provence has the largest lavender producing area in Europe. The lavender of Provence is located in the south of France. Since its birth, it has kept its secrets carefully.

It was not until the arrival of the Englishman Peter Meyer that the veil of the unique life style of Provence for a long time was gradually unveiled. In Mel's pen, "Provence" is no longer a simple geographical name, but also represents a simple and carefree, relaxed and lazy way of life.

If travel is to escape the shackles of life, Provence will make you forget everything.

2. Hokkaido Flower Sea

In early summer, Hokkaido is a sea of flowers, making people fall in love with this distant and intimate world in an instant. In June, on Hidaka and Tokachi Plateau in Hokkaido, you can also enjoy the beautiful and lovely lily of the valley.

In July, all kinds of flowers and plants bloom in the wild gardens along the Sea of Okhotsk, including lemon-colored daylilies, orange-yellow lilies, and pink roses. Hokkaido in spring and summer is a sea of flowers, and colorful colors embellish the beautiful season.

3. Holland Tulip Fields

The Netherlands, known as "Europe's back garden", has about 23,000 hectares of land for planting flowers, half of which are tulips. There are only 2,000 flower farmers in the Netherlands, but they can cultivate about 3 billion tulips every year.

In fact, it is better to call them artists than they are flower farmers. They regard the Dutch land under their feet as a colorful drawing board, and outline the Dutch spring into a paradise on earth.

Today the tulip is the most widely planted flower in the Netherlands and the national flower of the Netherlands. It symbolizes beauty, solemnity, luxury and success. As the "magic flower" in the European population, tulips have long become the color symbol of the Netherlands.

Every spring, the tulip fields will cover every corner of the Netherlands with the most brilliant colors. If you have the opportunity to come to the Netherlands, you must not miss every flower sea here.

4. Qinghai Menyuan Rape Flower

From July 10th to August 10th every year, Menyuan County in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province becomes a world of rapeseed flowers, a sea of rapeseed flowers. Large swaths of yellow are spread out and swayed on the long and narrow plain formed by the Qilian Mountains and Daban Mountains in the north and south of Menyuan, giving people a strong visual shock.

There is a golden ocean under the Qilian Mountains. Against the blue sky and white clouds that are common on the plateau and the Qilian Snow Mountains, rapeseed flowers along the banks of the Haomen River have created a unique and magnificent spectacle.

5. Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Bulgaria, known as the "Kingdom of Roses" in the world, has been planting roses for more than 300 years. In the central part of Bulgaria, there is a valley that stretches for 100 kilometers. Due to the unique environment and climate, the Bulgarian Rose Valley breeds extremely pure Damascus roses every year.

They also produce rose essential oil with the highest purity in the world, the price of which is higher than that of gold, and occupies a pivotal position in the world perfume market. From May to June every year, the roses bloom brilliantly, competing to reveal their fragrance.

There are clusters of roses everywhere, and the fragrance fills the entire valley, and the scenery is like a fairyland. At this time, flower farmers will hold a grand "Rose Festival" in the valley, and they will also elect the annual "Rose Queen" to hold parades and theatrical performances.

At that time, people dressed in colorful national fashion, sang and danced, presented garlands to visitors from afar, spread rose petals, and the scene was very lively.