With the rapid development of high technology, various new wallpapers with fancy colors and humanized functions have been developed one after another. Wallpaper beautifies and facilitates many modern homes.

At the same time, the problem of the emotional impact of wallpaper color on people is also highlighted.

Some experts in the field of aesthetics pointed out that the color of the wallpaper can affect the human endocrine system through vision, which leads to the increase or decrease of human hormones, and then has an emotional and psychological impact.

Does wallpaper color really affect people's emotions? How big is this impact?

There is such a story: a certain bridge in the UK is black, and every year many people commit suicide by jumping from the bridge. The city council urged scientists from the Royal Academy of Sciences to track down the cause.

When a medical expert suggested that this is related to the fact that the bridge body is black and affects people's emotions, many people also discussed his proposal as a joke.

In the helpless situation of failing to find a good solution for three consecutive years, the British government tried to replace the black bridge body, and a miracle happened: since the bridge body was changed to blue, the number of suicides by jumping from the bridge decreased that year 56.4%.

In the same way, the color of the wallpaper will also have an impact on people's emotions. Psychological experiments have shown that red can stimulate nerve excitation, orange can induce appetite and normal emotions, yellow can activate thinking, and purple suppresses motor nerves to make people quiet and gentle.

What color people choose is not random, but has a deep inner psychological activity to pave the way, so color will also have an impact on people's emotions.

Color itself has the personality of the times, because it is the projection and portrayal of the times on people's psychology.

In house decoration design, the influence of color on people's emotions should be taken into consideration. Because color can affect appetite, sleep quality, and even mood.

Warm and bright colors have an activating effect on people's emotions, and are suitable for use in dining rooms and living rooms, which will ease nervous nerves at home.

Cool colors and low-brightness colors can make people concentrate and emotionally stable, and are suitable for use in the study.

Beautiful green, mysterious purple, cheerful yellow, rich red, romantic pale pink, because of the different uses of the dining room, living room, study, etc., it is best to choose wallpapers of different colors.

Compared with the sea style wallpaper, it is lighter in color, and more simple and fresh in style. Therefore, it is more suitable for large-area living rooms, your home will look brighter, the lighting will be better, and your body and mind will be pleasant and comfortable.