Children's bicycles are bicycles suitable for children aged 4-8 years old to ride.

Close your eyes and imagine a scene where your child is no longer fascinated by various electronic products, but likes to gallop on the vast flat land. Riding their own children's bicycle, chasing, racing and running with their friends. This is the image that many parents want to see most. So, the children's bicycle was born, wasn't it?

There are a variety of children's bicycles on the market, so how do you pick the most suitable for your child's bike?

1. Combined with market data

According to consumer associations on the market of different sales channels, different brands of children's bicycles from the results of various important indicators of comparison, coupled with their own analysis to help make an informed choice.

Data can truly reflect the quality of the products of various manufacturers and sellers, not by advertising for propaganda.

2.Look at the purchase parameters

What we generally call the size of the children's bicycle is the diameter of the tires. This indicator is critical!

Because different sizes of bicycles not only have differences in height, but also in length, handlebar width, torque and other aspects of the difference.

If the car is too large children riding unsafe and uncomfortable or even can not ride, too small children need to ride up bent legs uncomfortable will also affect the leg development. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right size.

3. Look at the budget

The price of the bike you choose depends on your budget, but as much as possible, you should choose the best one within your financial reach.

Some very practical suggestions for purchase also want to share with you:

1. Whether online or offline purchase, be sure to choose the brand online stores or children's stores. Such shopping platforms sold on the product has a formal channel of purchase and perfect after-sales service.

In the selection of products to give priority to purchase products produced by well-known enterprises, usually these companies produce stable product quality.

2. Try not to give up the purchase of well-known enterprises because of the price, safety is the most important.

3. Be sure to check the quality of product appearance, product identification and packaging.

4. When choosing a product, pay attention to the age of the product on the logo. Ask more customer service, different sizes of products for children's ages and heights will be different. Also and your child intends to ride a few years related to different brands also have a slight difference so be sure to consult customer service to buy the right size.

If you buy too big or too small size products, children in pedaling or steering will appear inflexible, there are greater safety risks.

5.Product identification should have the manufacturer's name or trademark, specifications, factory date, safety instructions and other information. The nameplate should have sufficient safety warning instructions, and the nameplate logo is clear and not easy to erase.

Finally, don't forget to choose the right helmet and protective gear for your child.