Plants need water to grow well, and the same is true for succulent plants, so do different seasons and temperatures require the same amount of water?

1. In the spring and autumn season, succulent plants need more moisture.

We can water them every three to five days.

If the leaves are soft, it means there is a lack of water.

2. In the cold winter, succulent plants grow slowly, which can reduce the amount of water.

We only need to water it once every half a month.

3. For succulent adult plants, make sure they are thoroughly watered each time.

But there must be no stagnant water, so as not to cause root rot and cause plant death.

4. When watering succulent plants, water the edge of the basin as much as possible.

And when watering in winter, keep the water temperature the same as room temperature as much as possible.

People who raise too much flesh will find that any two leaves will not completely coincide in angle, but there must be some angle between them.

In other words, no leaf will grow directly above the other.

What causes it?

You may not believe it, but plants may be better at math than you.

In general, this kind of plant will grow spirally in a certain direction, sending out a lateral bud every time it turns a certain angle.

If this angle is reasonable, the angle will meet sooner or later, resulting in a new leaf and an old leaf in exactly the same vertical position.

The new leaves not only occupy the space of the old leaves, but also completely block out the sunlight of the old leaves.

Therefore, this angle had better be some infinite irrational number that does not loop.

So that no matter how much it grows, it will not be completely coincident with the previous phenomenon.

Irrational numbers can solve the problem of vertical distribution, but there is no way to solve the horizontal distribution.

How to control the angle between two adjacent leaves?

Of course, the more average, the better.

Do not huddle together vertically or horizontally.

It can be said that succulent plants make good use of space, so most succulent plants are like flowers.

So how much can it grow up?

On the one hand, it is based on the variety of succulent plants.

The growth rate and size of different varieties of succulent plants are different.

However, as long as you give enough space, succulent plants can grow forever.

However, it is not necessarily that a single plant grows very big, and the change from a single plant to a multi-headed plant is also a form of growing succulent plants.