Maybe you are using the wrong way to wash your face.

Here are some detailed steps for you to follow.


1. Moisten your face with warm water. The water used to wash your face is very important. Some people try to save time by washing their face directly with cold water; Some people think they have oily skin and need to use very hot water to get the oil and dirt off their face. In fact, these are wrong views. The correct way is to use warm water. This ensures that the pores are fully opened and that the skin's natural moisturizing oils are not lost excessively.

2. Make your cleanser lather well. Whatever cleanser you use, the amount should not be excessive (an area the size of a coin is sufficient). Before applying it to your face, make sure you lather up your cleanser in your palms. If the cleanser does not lather up sufficiently, it will not only fail to cleanse but will also leave residue in the pores and cause acne. (The more lather the better, of course, but you can also use tools that make it easy to lather the cleanser).

3. After applying the foam to the face, massage gently in a circular motion. Please do not do it too hard, and remember to avoid wrinkles. Massage about 15 strokes to get the foam all over your face.

4. Clean the cleanser, after massaging with the cleanser, you can clean it. There are some women who are afraid of not washing cleanly and scrubbing hard with a towel, which is not good for delicate skin. Should use a moist towel gently in the face press, repeated several times to remove the cleanser, and not hurt the skin.

5. Check the hairline. Cleaning is complete, you may think that the process of washing the face has been completed. In fact, not so, but also look in the mirror to check whether there is residual cleanser around the hairline, this step is also often ignored. Some women always have acne around their hairline because they neglect this step.

6. Rinse with cold water 20 times, while using a towel with cool water lightly compress the face. This can make the pores tighten while promoting facial blood circulation. This completes the whole process of washing your face.


After washing your face according to the above procedure, look in the mirror again and you will see that your face is much cleaner.

The first time you wash your face like this, you will be excited to try it again, but don't do it, as washing your face too often can dry out your skin.

This meticulous method of washing has many benefits, such as preventing wrinkles, but it needs to be maintained over time to be effective.

If you wash your face every day in this way, you will notice a slow improvement in the quality of your skin.

And while you are washing around the eyes, pay more attention.

Because the skin around the eyes is delicate, and you should be more gentle with it.