In terms of the long evolutionary history of life on Earth, birds have not been around for very long, from the earliest appearance of birds in the Cretaceous period until their evolutionary development to the present day, which is only 100 million years.

However, birds are one of the most successful populations on earth, with many species and many birds with incredible "skills", parrots being one of them.

Parrots are one of the birds that many people are curious about because they can imitate human speech. The reason why parrots can learn to speak is because they have special vocal organs and a unique respiratory system that gives their tracheal muscles a special purpose, which allows parrots to learn to speak through imitation, but of course, this is also related to the fact that parrots are a relatively intelligent bird.

Researchers say that almost all species of parrots, have the special ability to imitate human speech, or imitate sounds in nature, and some parrots can even answer many complex questions after training, which is also a very incredible thing.

The reason why parrots can imitate human speech is because of the following three special parts.

1. Special brain: The brain of parrots contains a very special neuron. This neuron can help them imitate the sounds made by humans and learn to speak.

2. Special mouth: parrots have a large mouth and a round tongue with more meat on it. This is a very good way for them to imitate sounds.

3. Special song tube: The muscles around the song tube of parrots are very well developed. With the help of muscle contraction, the shape of the song pipe will change, so that the sound emitted will be more like the human voice.

The parrot should be given a habit to develop, such as feeding time to say some fixed words, so that after the parrot is used to it will repeat what you say, usually also to tease the bird more, more say these words, so that the parrot can learn one day also have a model.

The most effective way is to use a tape recorder to record the words you want to train, and then play them to the parrot to listen to them.

If you really want to train a talking parrot, you can pay more attention when choosing a parrot. Generally speaking, male parrots have a better memory than female parrots, so male parrots are easier to train to talk.