In recent years, jojoba oil has frequently appeared in the public eye. It has become an important part of today's skincare products. Next will introduce what is jojoba oil.

Jojoba is a plant native to Mexico, which is cultivated all over the world. The border between the United States and Mexico is the most suitable for its growth, and its quality is relatively good.

The oil in the seeds of this man-tall shrub is permeable and resistant to high temperatures. It was used as a variety of maintenance and treatment 1000 years ago. In fact, the original text of jojoba has the metaphor of a "magic shrub".

Now that it's in widespread use, it certainly has something to offer.

1. Moisturize the skin

Much like sebum in texture and purpose, jojoba oil performs the functions of sebum and can help moisturize skin and hair when the body naturally stops producing oil.

For one thing, excess sebum during puberty or when hormone levels are high can lead to oily, acne-prone skin. Jojoba Oil removes sticky, excess oil to keep the oil balance.

On the other hand, it can moisturize the skin and prevent skin inflammation, flaking, and rough chapping.

2. Safe Cleansing Oil

Jojoba oil is very safe and hypoallergenic as a natural cleansing oil that removes dirt, makeup, and bacteria from the face and protects the skin from irritation.

3. Prevent the razor from scratching

Apply jojoba oil before shaving, its waxy texture creates a smooth surface for shaving, eliminating the risk of cuts and razor nicks while shaving.

4. Anti-aging

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E in its natural form. This vitamin is a reliable source of antioxidants that strengthen capillary walls, improve hydration and elasticity, and soothe fine lines, wrinkles, and naturally slow down other signs of aging.

5. Anti-fungal and infection

Jojoba oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. It treats toenail fungus and helps get rid of warts.

6. Contains vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex acts as an antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals and cellular damage, and they are good for the skin and maintaining hormonal balance.

Since jojoba oil has so many benefits, which products contain it?

Pure natural jojoba oil has been used in moisturizers, sunscreens, soaps, body washes, massage agents, shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, mousses, lotions, eye shadows, pharmaceutical creams, etc.

Next will introduce how to use jojoba oil.

1. With essential oils

It can be matched with various essential oils and can be used as a skin massage oil and cleansing oil for the face and body. In addition to its purpose of dilution, it can also enhance the absorption of the skin and is a good base oil.

2. With lotion

Cucumber lotion and rose cream can be added with jojoba oil, which is intended to enhance the absorption and protection of the skin surface and is suitable for dry skin.

3. Combine with a scalp massage to nourish hair

It can be matched with essential oils suitable for hair moisturizing, such as sandalwood, ylang-ylang, frankincense, etc. It can be used in hair maintenance to prevent the breakage and splitting of dry hair and dryness after sun exposure.