Hawks are carnivores and will catch mice, snakes, hares, or small birds. The large hawk-like birds (eagles) can catch goats, sheep, and small deer. It is so majestic and fierce that zoology calls it a raptor species.

There are fifty-nine species of eagles worldwide, and scientists have grouped them into four major populations.

Generally speaking, eagles within the same group are similar, for example, they have similar body shapes or eat similar foods.

Eagles are adept at persistent circling at high altitudes.

Eagles are found on every continent on earth except Antarctica, in deserts, jungles, swamps, woods, mountains, and seashores.

All eagles hunt by day and rest at night.

They occasionally prey on poultry and small birds, but usually feed on small mammals, reptiles, and insects.

The hawk is mostly active during the day, and even when it is soaring at heights of over a thousand meters, it can see its prey clearly on the ground.

It has a strong foot and sharp claws that make it easy to catch animals and tear their flesh.

There are a variety of foraging skills, but the main method of prey pursuit is to skim or agilely chase after desperately fleeing animals. Once the prey is caught with its powerful claws, it dismembered the prey with its sharp and strong beak.

It has a well-developed stomach and intestines, strong digestive capacity, and the food eaten is digested in a short time. It spits out the undigested food in a ball.

The eagle is the longest-lived bird in the world, living up to 60 years old. But few people know that the price of a long life span is the need to make difficult decisions in the middle of life.

By the time an eagle reaches the age of 40, its beak is long and curved, its talons are aging, and its wings are so heavy that it can no longer effectively grasp its prey.

If it does not want to be starved to death, the eagle must make a choice - the eagle will find a cliff and hit its beak hard.

One by one, it plucks off its feathers until new ones grow.

Thus, after five months of self-remodeling, the eagle reaped up to 30 years of life and was free to be king in the air again.