Türkiye itself is an island country, surrounded by the sea, there must be many beautiful beaches, including a beach, because it is too quiet, is called "dead beach".

Erudenitz Beach is the most beautiful and famous beach along the Mediterranean coast of Türkiye, and the whole coast is surrounded by mountains to form a calm and wave-free lagoon.

The waters from the Mediterranean are full of Greek mythological blurring, suffocating blue, stretching to the sky and dizzy on the horizon.

Erudenitz is on the emerald coast of Türkiye, at the confluence of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. It has the most photographed beach in the Mediterranean, and the scenery is rare.

With its sapphire and emerald colors, the water of Urudenitz has become one of the top five most beautiful beaches recommended by travel magazines, and is also loved by tourists from all over the world. Erudenitz Beach can swim, but the beach is full of pebbles, so sandals are recommended.

Erudenitz Beach can ride paragliding here and fly into the air to experience the feeling of peace and serenity, integrated with blue sky, blue sea, green mountains and white sand, and there are many restaurants, gift shops and hotels near the beach.

Eat, drink and play. This dead beach in Türkiye is named because the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea draws a magical U-shaped bend in the Dead Sea, making the waters surrounded by the bay less stormy and calm.

However, the Dead Sea in Türkiye is most famous for its color, a clear sapphire blue as clear as a fairy tale, especially on sunny days, which is suffocating.

It is precisely because of such a charming sea view, coupled with the winding coastline and suitable climatic conditions, that the paragliding project in the Dead Sea has become a gold-lettered signboard for tourism here.

With an excellent background of the sea and sky, coupled with a cool paraglider, any selfie can become an enviable object at a gathering of friends.

There are many ships in this sea, with a variety of colors, like rainbows, these ships are set off against the transparent and clear water, like paint plates overturned on the surface of the water.

Besides, Kabak Beach Beach is also worth talking about.

Kabak Beach Beach is located in the foothills of Babada Dag, one of the 100 protected mountains in the world,33 kilometers from the center of Fethiye. A favorite destination for young travelers, it attracts nature lovers with its unique plant diversity, wildlife and 200m-long bay.

Buck Beach is a rare geological structure in Türkiye-surrounded by mountain valleys and canyons on three sides, and leads to the sea through Pebble Beach.

In addition to its unique appearance, Kabak Beach Beach is also full of campsites and tree houses rather than hotels. It is deeply loved by many conservationists.