Yachts are divided into power boats and sailboats; in power boats, that is, their main power source is diesel, gasoline, or new energy.

The yacht is very expensive, but even so, there are still many wealthy people who spend a lot of money to enjoy the pleasure it brings.

Generally, the interior of the yacht is equipped with the following functions: the lower interior space, with a master bedroom, guest bedroom, and bathroom; the middle floor has a living room, cockpit, and kitchen, with a tail door deck platform; the upper deck has an open-air lookout and bridge, and a soft canopy is usually set up for sun and rain protection. In terms of power and technology, it is equipped with engines, generators, radar, professional instruments, telephone communication equipment, air-conditioning equipment, household appliances, and even satellite navigation systems.

On the whole, the yacht is a mobile apartment on the sea that integrates modern office and family leisure, and it has overall functional characteristics at sea.

The supporting facilities of the yacht are generally customized according to the needs of the yacht owner, especially for small and medium-sized yachts, while they are generally designed according to the functions of the yacht. Depending on the type and function of the yacht, the supporting facilities vary.

In addition, there is a sailing yacht, the largest in the world, costing as much as 200 million US dollars, and equipped with a variety of sophisticated technologies. Millions of sailing boats rely on the wind to break through the waves in the sea, but they have only two choices: sacrificing speed for volume or vice versa.

This sailing yacht, however, breaks the convention, with a very large hull and a very high maximum speed of 30 knots. It is 106 meters long, 14.5 meters wide, and 7.2 meters deep, with three decks that can accommodate 38 passengers and crew.

It is designed with a helicopter deck, a state-of-the-art speedboat hangar, and a three-dimensional pole, equipped with 2,900 square meters of black sails. Not only does the black sail allow the yacht to ride through the waves, but its surface is also attached to a thin layer of high-tech solar panels, providing a continuous supply of power for the luxurious life inside the yacht.

This is the unique Black Pearl sailing yacht in the world today.

It is estimated that it will cost more than 200 million dollars. Thanks to its revolutionary design, environmentally friendly features, and advanced technology, this unique ship attracted global attention long before its first voyage, setting new industry standards and winning numerous innovation awards.