In our daily life, although we usually can't come into contact with penguins, many people have indirectly learned about penguins because of their naive appearance.

In people's impression, penguins are very naive and cute creatures, but in the opinion of biologists, penguins are famous for their dark creatures.

Today, we will talk about the most numerous Adelie penguin.

In Antarctica, which is covered in ice all year round, penguins are the rulers of the region.

Although they are not strong and extremely intelligent, they will do anything to survive.

Penguins reproduce through their cloacal cavity, usually with the male riding on top of the female, and then reproduce.

Because penguins can only aim to export reproductive material, penguin reproduction rates are generally very low.

In addition to this, penguins will only breed once a year in the summer and will not choose to breed at any other time.

Therefore, the reproduction of penguins is very difficult.

But penguins live in places that are always sparsely populated and not as free as their nature, and that is why penguins have poor reproductive efficiency and still have a large-scale species.

The Antarctic continent where penguins live is covered with ice all year round and it takes a long time to hatch eggs.

Not only would it be unbearable for the penguins to incubate their eggs on the ice all the time, but the chances of the eggs succeeding are low.

So when Adelie penguins want to have a baby, they usually prepare a house made of rocks.

On the Antarctic continent, houses are very important for penguins who want to have offspring.

And rocks are very rare on the Antarctic highway.

So when the nearby rocks are picked up, the male penguins will go far away to look for them.

And that's when the other penguins dismantle the house and quietly steal a few stones.

In the race of Adelie penguins, the act of stealing house stones is already popular.

Each penguin does not think about finding the stone but chooses to steal it.

In the race of Adelie penguins, none of the penguins can build a good house by their own efforts.

However, there are some female penguins who are more cunning, they will make the other party think they like it and then steal a few stones quietly when the other party is not paying attention.

It can be said that penguins really do everything they can to get what they want.

Usually, the penguins' food is krill, squid, etc. and they need to go underwater to catch them.

Except that there are also animals underwater that feed on them such as seals.

So before the penguins go into the water, they quietly push the penguin next to them into the water.

If the underwater penguins are not attacked, then they are considered safe.

Sometimes the penguins will consume many of their kind for a single hunt.

Adelie penguins have become a dominant species on the Antarctic continent through their unscrupulous behavior.

Although they are insidious and cunning, this may be the law of biological survival.