Cinnamon is an ingredient that can reduce the greasy state of food, so adding a little cinnamon when you eat can reduce the heart disease caused by high fat and fat in food, which is more convenient.

In addition, cinnamon also helps to increase the rate of metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels in the human body, so eating a small amount of cinnamon and regular exercise can help you lose weight.

The production of cinnamon buns requires 210 grams of high-gluten flour, 56 grams of low-gluten flour, 20 grams of milk powder, 42 grams of caster sugar, 2.5 grams of salt, 6 grams of dry yeast, 30 grams of eggs, 85 grams of water, 84 grams of soup seeds, and no salt. 22 grams of butter, 30 grams of caster sugar, 15 grams of cinnamon powder, 80 grams of raisins, 70 grams of powdered sugar, 15 grams of warm water, and an appropriate amount of roasted almond slices.

First, knead and add the ingredients, knead until the flour can pull out the film, knead into a ball and ferment for 40 minutes. Next, pat flat and exhaust with the mouth facing down, and roll out into a rectangle. Third, brush the top with a layer of water, sprinkle the cinnamon filling evenly, and sprinkle with raisins. Fourth, roll up from top to bottom, knead at the end, and cut into 8 portions. Fifth, dip chopsticks with some high-gluten flour, press down from the middle of the dough into a butterfly shape, and finally straighten for 40 minutes. Sixth, brush with egg wash and bake at 160 degrees for about 15 minutes. Finally, mix powdered sugar and warm water to form icing sugar, drizzle it on the baked bread, and sprinkle with almond flakes.

In addition, the equally delicious bread also has coconut buns. It requires 240 grams of water, 300 grams of egg yolk, 28 grams of oil, 375 grams of low-gluten flour, 4.5 grams of baking powder, 4.5 grams of baking soda, 600 grams of egg whites, 510 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of salt. 70 grams of butter, 155 grams of sugar, 175 grams of eggs, 110 grams of milk, and 170 grams of shredded coconut. First, beat egg yolks, add sugar to beat, then add salad oil and mix well. Next, pour low-gluten flour, baking powder, and baking soda into 1 and mix well. Third, beat egg whites and add sugar gradually. Fourth, add 1/3 of Item 3 to Item 2, mix well, then pour the other 2/3 of Item 3 into Item 3, mix well and put it into the baking pan. Fifth, peel the eggs, add sugar and stir, then add milk and shredded coconut and stir well. After the butter is melted in the water, pour it into 5 and stir well. Sixth, adjust the oven to 180°C and preheat for 10 minutes, pour 6 on 4 and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Pour honey while eating.