The most beautiful beaches in Indonesia are indeed the dream of tourists to come to enjoy them. As an archipelagic country consisting of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is blessed with an amazing maritime panorama. Of course, there are still many of you who are confused and don't know about the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. You can see a variety of information below.

• Ora Beach in Central Maluku

Tracing steps in Central Maluku, tourists will be presented with hidden paradises such as Borocay beach in the Philippines and Bora-bora Beach in the Pacific Ocean. Of course, at a lower cost because there is no need to go abroad. The charm of the super clear sea water so that tourists can enjoy the beauty of marine life and corals from the boat. The white sand against the limestone cliffs that stand proudly makes it feel more exotic.


Surely you all know Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is a very famous beach not only in Indonesia but also abroad. On this beach, you can do various things such as surfing because the waves are strong. This beach is also dubbed the sunset beach, because the sunset view is very beautiful. Along the Kuta Beach road, there are many entertainment centers that are bustling after sunset.


Bunaken Beach is one of a group of islands in the Bunaken National Park. Bunaken Beach is located in Manado Bay. Various things you can do there are swimming, snorkeling or diving to enjoy the stunning underwater beauty. The famous underwater beauty in Bunaken is the existence of a wall of coral reefs called the Underwater Great Wall.


This beach is the largest marine park in Indonesia and has the largest wealth of marine life in the world. This beach is now becoming famous for its beauty. There you can enjoy the underwater beauty by diving.

This is the most beautiful beach in Indonesia. It definitely makes you want to visit the beach, doesn't it? May be useful!