Leather sofa belongs to a kind of sofa, leather sofa is a general term, cowhide, pigskin, horse skin, and donkey skin can be used as sofa raw materials.

The leather sofa is a member of the sofa family, with its solemn and elegant, luxurious and durable characteristics for people to love.

But in contrast, leather sofas need more maintenance than other sofas, cleaning is also more tedious.

Come to understand how to maintain and clean leather sofas.

Sofa maintenance:

1. Sofa placed on a flat surface, it is recommended to put soft cushions at the bottom of the sofa legs to prevent damage to the floor when moving.

2. Use a clean soft cloth to wipe the sofa surface dust and dirt before use.

Must be used before using the sofa surface with a care agent lightly wipe one or two times (do not use wax care products).

This can form a protective film on the surface of leather, so that dirt is not easy to penetrate deep into the pores of leather, easy to clean later.

3. Avoid jumping on the sofa, to avoid local deformation after pressure, affecting the use.

4. Avoid contact with sharp corners or knife-like utensils on the surface to prevent scratching the fabric.

5. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight sofas caused by deformation of leather fabric and loss of elasticity.

6. Avoid rain or excessive humidity caused by the leather surface expansion and relaxation and loss of elasticity or cause leather fading, color, or mold.

If the room humidity is large, you can use the weak sunlight from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning for 7 days, 1 hour a day.

7. Daily maintenance: use a clean soft cloth to regularly wipe the fabric sink or stain.

Back, armrest, and seat surface intersection seam available vacuum cleaner to clean debris.

Prohibit the use of wet cloth, hard objects, or acid, alkaline and other chemicals in contact with the fabric, so as not to affect the surface quality and use cycle.

Leather sofa cleaning:

2. When there is oil or cream, use a dry rag to absorb dryness, then scrub clean with water.

3. If there is grease or dirt, first scrub with soapy water, then scrub clean with water.

4. When stained with baking soda, coffee, and other substances, first scrub with soapy water, and then wash with water.

5. Using fresh milk to clean the leather, will make the leather more shiny.

Follow these suggestions and your sofa will be more beautiful and durable.