Skiing is a competitive sport in which athletes mount skis on the soles of their boots to speed, jump and slide on the snow.

Skiing originated and developed in Scandinavian countries. Slalom is also a Norwegian word, which means sliding on a sloping road. The international skiing Federation was established in 1924. Nordic skiing was included in the first Winter Olympic Games held in Chamonix, France, in 1924.

Modern skiing can be roughly divided into three categories: Alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, and freestyle.

Alpine skiing: skiing refers to skiing along snow slopes. Its name is derived from the fact that skiing originates from the Alps. It includes various skills and actions, including three basic actions: straight descent, crossing and turning.

Northern European style: skiing includes cross country skiing and ski jumping. The name comes from the fact that this sport originated in northern European countries. Cross country skiing is the most popular form of skiing.

Freestyle: freestyle skiing is actually a kind of stunt performance. The performer slides down from a steep and rugged snow slope. At the same time, he must perform other thrilling stunts such as back jumping, kicking, and even heel turning.

The leading countries in the world skiing include Scandinavian countries, such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as well as countries around the Alps in Western Europe, such as France, Italy, Austria, Germany, and Sweden. Generally speaking, Scandinavian countries have an advantage in Nordic skiing projects, while Alpine countries have an advantage in alpine skiing projects.