The harbor was originally used by human ships to avoid wind, waves, and currents, and can safely berth, load and unload goods and allow passengers to get on and off. It has always played an important role in human civilization. Speaking of ports, many people may think of Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong or San Francisco Bay in the United States. But they are not the only beautiful harbors in the world!

1. Hong Kong, China - Victoria Harbor

Victoria Harbor is a port and sea area between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula. Its name comes from Queen Victoria. Victoria Harbor is the largest harbor in Asia and the third largest in the world, second only to San Francisco in the United States and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Visiting Victoria Harbor is also one of the special routes customized by Binny yacht club. You can drive your own yacht to enjoy the scenery on both sides of Victoria Harbor and enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong from another perspective.

2. United States - San Francisco Bay

To appreciate the beauty of San Francisco Bay, you need to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, which is as magnificent as the sunset, where you can enjoy the beauty of the bay. At the edge of San Francisco Bay, along the coastline, there are speedboat ports, small boat berths, yacht berthing areas, shops, and restaurants. Many speedboats often park here.

3. Brazil - Rio de Janeiro port

Rio de Janeiro port is located on the southeast coast of Brazil and is one of the three natural harbors in the world. Here you can overlook the night view of Rio de Janeiro. In the middle and late February of each year, the whole country in Brazil is jubilant for three days and three nights. At that time, all places will be covered with festival costumes, and various music, dance, drama performances and competitions will take place one after another.

4. Antarctica - Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is the most popular place in Antarctica and the only place where you can climb the top of the ice sheet and overlook the island. People with a little courage can also ski down the mountain. As long as they sit on the ice cap at the top of the mountain, they can slide down like skating and reach the foot of the mountain in the blink of an eye.

5. Italy - Genoa Harbor

Genoa seaport is the largest commercial port in Italy and the second largest port on the Mediterranean coast after Marseille. Genoa is a city with a long history. It has been an important industrial and commercial center in the Mediterranean since ancient times. Long before Rome was founded, Liguria people had lived there. Genoa is also one of the famous historical cities in the Renaissance, and many Romanesque and Gothic buildings are still preserved. The local literature, music, dance, drama, painting, and sculpture have made considerable achievements.