The language of flowers refers to the use of flowers to express people's language, expressing certain emotions and wishes of people. Under certain historical conditions, they were gradually formed by agreement. It is a recognized form of information exchange for a certain range of people. In the middle of the 19th century, affected by the social atmosphere, people showed more connotations and dared not express their love. Lovers express their emotions by sending bouquets to each other.

Do you know what special words the hyacinths of different colors have?

Hyacinth flower language: victory, competition, joy, love, happiness, affection, admiration, stubbornness, life, pride, and eternal memory.

Blue hyacinth: life.

Purple Hyacinth: Sadness, jealousy, melancholy love, regret.

Lavender hyacinth: gentle temperament, romantic feelings. sad.

White hyacinth: quiet, quiet love (love that dare not show), secret love.

Red Hyacinth: Thank you for the love that moved me (your love fills my heart).

Pink Hyacinth: Passionate.

Blue hyacinth: perseverance, chastity, as happy as seeing you, noble and rich.

Dark blue hyacinth: a little melancholy because of love.

Yellow hyacinth: happiness, contentment, it is very happy to be with you.

Pink hyacinth: admiration, romance.

Light green hyacinth: If you want to have no secrets, you must first have a kind heart.

wedding flowers

In the UK, blue hyacinth has always been an indispensable bridal bouquet or decoration in weddings to represent the purity of the newlyweds, hoping to bring happiness.

You only have one life, so be bold! Do you know any other flower language?