Exercise can not only make our fat body digest, but also increase our physique and increase our resistance a lot. Exercise will also make us forget our troubles and experience the joy brought by exercise.

Do you like surfing? People choose to dance on the waves, completing a series of graceful movements.

How to choose a surfboard?

1. Longboard.

More suitable for beginner surfing. It has better buoyancy, is easier to paddle, easier to stand on, and more stable.

2. Short board.

Lengths less than 6 feet are short boards. The short board has low buoyancy and poor stability, but fast speed, suitable for extreme movements, suitable for trying difficult movements.

It is not recommended for beginners to try short boards.

It is also important for beginners to choose the material of the surfboard. It is recommended to choose a soft board, because the soft board has high buoyancy, light weight, and soft material is not easy to hurt people.

What should I do to prepare before learning to surf?

1. Choose the correct surfboard.

The bigger the board, the easier it is for you to stand still. How long the longboard should be depends on your own height. The taller the person, the longer the length of the board should be.

2. Choose an instructor with experience in surfing.

Students should learn in the first teaching: a series of movements such as paddling, crossing waves, catching waves, and taking off.

3. Pay attention to the situation of the sea.

Choose suitable weather conditions and avoid going to places with rocks and undercurrents. Pay attention to your own safety.

4. Wax the surfboard.

The surface of a rigid surfboard is smooth and frictionless, and we must add friction to it.

The best surfing spots in the world.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Cape Town has 150 top surf spots. Blouberg's beaches are popular for surfing. Every year from September to February of the following year, many tourists surf here.

Gold Coast, Australia.

The weather is pleasant, the sun is abundant, and the waves are treacherous for surfing and water skiing. It is a surfing paradise and a major tourist destination in Queensland.

Kuta Beach.

Kuta Beach is considered to be the most beautiful coast in Bali. It's a surf and skateboard paradise.

In Kuta Bay, the waves at both ends are great for beginners, and the waves in the middle are for more professional surfers.

Warming up before surfing is important.