Bayan Bulak Swan Lake is the largest Swan Nature Reserve in Asia, inhabiting wild swan populations. “Bayan Bulak” means “abundant mountain springs” in Mongolian. Swan Lake is a marsh composed of many connected small lakes.

Swan Lake, a beautiful name full of poetry and painting interest, is fascinating. At an altitude of nearly 3000 meters, it is a high mountain wetland lake, surrounded by continuous snow mountains and ice peaks, which constitute the natural barrier of Swan Lake. Springs, streams and snow water flow into the lake. The water and grass are abundant, the feed is abundant, and the climate is cool and humid. It is very suitable for the reproduction of a variety of waterfowls, especially swans.

The residents of Bayan Bulak region are mainly Mongolian, accounting for about 78% of the population in the region. The local Mongolian herdsmen protect swans and get along well with them. Every spring, when the ice and snow thaw and the flowers bloom, more than 10000 rare birds, mainly big swans, little swans, and wart nosed swans, live in India, Myanmar, and Pakistan, and even in countries as far away as the Black Sea, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean coast. They fly in groups to Bayan Bulak to inhabit and multiply.

After eight months of perching, when winter comes, these migratory birds fly south with their beloved family members, flying high over the Himalayas, leaving Bayan Bulak, a vast and silent place, just like a mother waiting for the return of her children and wanderers in the heavy snow in the coming year. The hustle and bustle of midsummer has faded, and the vast grassland is dotted with white snow. At this time, it has become a paradise for wild birds, flocks of northern goats, foraging wolves and foxes, and the breeding of wild animals.

The ancient Kaidu River crosses the basin and breeds generations of life on Bayan Bulak grassland. There is a beautiful scenery that you have never seen in the reinforced concrete city. If you don't come here once, you may regret it for life. If you come here, only one glance is enough for you to remember it for life.