Motorboating is a sporting activity in which a motorboat powered by a gasoline engine, diesel engine or turbojet engine runs on water. The technical key of a motor boat is starting, accelerating, hovering, overtaking and sprinting.

The highest organization for motorboats is the International Motorboat Federation. Founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1922, it has 60 association members.

Drive the jet ski correctly.

The ignition of the jet ski is located on the handle. Usually jet skis have a pin or keyhole. Insert a pin or key into the ignition and the other end will attach to the driver's life jacket.

If the pin is not inserted, the engine cannot be started. This is also for safety reasons and reduces the chance of a collision.

The noise of the motorboat is very loud, but it can be eliminated by the muffler, so if there are many residents nearby, it is best to install the muffler.

The jet ski has a trigger on the handlebar that controls the throttle, and the steering wheel attached to the handlebar also plays an important role.

It allows the motorcycle to change the direction of travel. Do not motorboat is also equipped with a reversing device.

Features of jet skis.


A jet ski has a smaller capacity than a yacht. Yachts have large hulls, upper and lower bridges, large living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and other facilities in the cabin, while general motorboats do not have these facilities.

It's small, nimble, and easy to drive.


Powerboats have a shallow draft and are highly maneuverable, allowing them to sail into shallow and narrow waters that yachts cannot reach.


Motorboats are fast (generally above 100 km/h), allowing you to feel freedom and speed in the sea!

What should I pay attention to when driving a jet ski?

1. Sit on the motorboat and insert the key, and put the key on the right hand to prevent the key from slipping off when the motorboat is running at high speed.

2. Please drive at low speed when starting or returning to avoid damaging the machine.

3. When the motorboat is driving at high speed at sea, please do not make sharp turns, so as to avoid personal injury caused by overturning.

4. People under the age of 16 or over 60, with heart disease and high blood pressure are best not to drive a motorboat.

5. Beginners should be accompanied by professionals before driving the motorboat alone.

6. Helmets and life jackets must be worn.

7. When the two boats are traveling at a higher speed, they should give way to the right.

8. Don't go too far from the coast while driving.

Enjoy the joy that motorboats bring us on the sea. But also pay attention to safety!