Running, no matter how fast or how long you run, as long as you run out of your own rhythm, out of your own style, out of your own cognition, you are a successful runner. In the process of running, don't forget to enjoy the scenery along the way.

Running is an amazing thing, if you don't start, you'll never move. However, once you start running, you will overcome obstacles.

Correct running form is also important.

1. Feet posture.

The jogger hits the ground with the midfoot and heel.

2. Head posture.

Special care is required when turning the head, usually from the upper part of the neck, to avoid twisting the body and avoid instability when traveling.

3. Knee posture.

Don't lift your knees too high when running long distances. Only sprinters need to lift their knees.

Precautions before running.

When you're ready to run, choose good sneakers.

Don't run right after eating. You should wait half an hour or an hour after eating before running. Running immediately after a meal is prone to symptoms such as upset stomach or gastroptosis.

Warm up before running, do stretches, stretches, and avoid ligament damage while running.

Eat some food in the morning before your run, but not so much that you don't feel hungry halfway through.

Try not to drink water within half an hour before running, otherwise it may increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, causing abdominal pain, bloating and other symptoms.

Notes on running.

When running, it is best to concentrate and not think about other things. When running in the early morning, be sure to see the road conditions clearly to avoid accidents.

Things to keep in mind after a run.

The stretching action after running mainly targets the muscles and ligaments to avoid muscle enlargement.

Pay attention to hydration. During the running process, the patient will sweat a lot, and the sweat will also lose a lot, which can easily lead to dehydration.

Don't take a shower right away, blood circulation will increase when you run. If you take a shower right away, most of the blood goes to the skin and muscles.

It can easily lead to reduced blood circulation in the brain, and symptoms such as dizziness and headache may occur.

Running can prevent disease, especially in the elderly, and jogging can inhibit the occurrence of heart disease. Because in the process of jogging, whole-body exercise can effectively reduce blood lipids and greatly reduce the possibility of heart disease.

In the process of jogging, we need all-round observation. This is a great way to prevent myopia.

Running can also improve sleep quality

Running is a cool thing, and runners who love and keep running become cool people.