The great thing about traveling is that you can temporarily escape from your boring work. With a leisurely mood, enjoy the sweetness and romance of the journey. Traveling together as a couple is also a great opportunity to get to know each other and deepen the relationship.

Couples traveling can also create a shared memory. In a relationship, those memories and experiences that only belong to you cannot be taken away by anyone. Travel is all about creating these precious memories.

No matter where your feelings go in the end, the journey or the thrilling or surprising part is a little marker in your life. At the same time, we also need to prepare some items for our convenience during the trip.

1. Travel backpack

Travel backpacks without a tug may seem inconvenient to use, but travel bags are still popular for their unique features. It's not limited by terrain like a suitcase, and it has shoulder straps to share the load, a waist belt, built-in security pockets, lockable zippers, and more.

Travel backpacks can be folded into a small volume for easier storage. It is lighter and more flexible, and can be stored in the back seat, trunk or roof rack of a car when loaded into clothing and gear. So it's a good choice.

Or you can bring a small bag crossbody and put some personal items, so that it is convenient to take pictures, easy to walk, and you can stop and go.

2.Comfortable shoes

Friends who often travel should know that a good pair of shoes is very important. Whether you are going to climb the mountain, go to the seaside, or go to the grassland, etc., you will inevitably walk a lot of roads. Couples hold hands and slowly walk in beautiful scenic spots. That is a happy thing, so the shoes must be chosen well.

3. Umbrella

Umbrellas are a necessity. It is best to use them for dual purposes, as they can block the sun and the rain. If you bring an umbrella that can be folded and quite large, you can play with confidence wherever you go. In the rainy season, it is best to bring two umbrellas, so as not to lose one of them.

4. Disposable hand sanitizer

Traveling outside, whether it is to see the scenery or the city, it is inevitable that you will get bacteria. And generally do not go back to the hotel untill night, it is very inconvenient to wash hands when eating out.

Hand sanitizer cleans your hands and removes germs. The ability to keep us healthy and hygienic outside.

5. Toiletries

When couples travel, it is best to bring a small travel suit. If you really don’t have it and don’t want to buy it separately, then bring facial cleanser, moisturizing cream, sunscreen, and mask, and try to keep it simple. If it is winter, you can bring a bottle of lotion.

If girls want to make up, it is best to bring some smaller cosmetics, such as monochrome eyeshadow palettes, mini lipsticks, mini liquid foundations, etc.

6. Charging supplies

Many people will bring a camera when they go out, so the power bank is a must, and the charger is of course a must. Of course, if you forget it, you can buy it, but the outside is more expensive and the quality is not necessarily good.

Couples travel condenses many of the details of life. You will encounter problems every day, and you will see each other's true personalities more intuitively. You can explore the suitable emotional model for both parties during the journey.