A park is a place to relax, but to dogs it's like an amusement park. With the arrival of autumn and the warmer weather, bringing your dog to play in the park is a wonderful option.

For pet owners, pets are their family, which is why many people go to the park to find ways to bring their own pets. However, don’t forget what you need to prepare when taking your dog to the park!

1. Tow rope

Before going out, the necessary traction rope is to be prepared. In addition to preventing trouble for other people, it can also prevent dogs from getting lost, especially outgoing dogs like huskies, who run away if they are not careful. And, if the dog is in heat, having a leash will also prevent him from getting out of control when he runs into other dogs outside.

2. Water and food

It is also necessary to bring the right amount of water and food to the park. When dogs exercise a lot, they need to add water in time. When going out, try to bring your own dog food or snacks, and do not feed other foods casually. One is that dogs are not used to eating, and the other is that it may be unsanitary. There are many dogs who have diarrhea when they come home from a trip, just because they ate something indiscriminately outside.

3. Plastic bags

Dogs are very likely to defecate when they go to the park. Don’t forget to bring toilet paper and plastic bags. After all, we still have to do a good job of sanitation outside, and try not to cause trouble to others.

In addition to preparing these things when going to the park, there are also some precautions that we need to know in advance. Only by doing these things well, we can rest assured that the dog has a good time.

1. Confirm the location

First of all, we need to confirm in advance whether the park you want to go to can bring pets into it. Dogs are naturally fond of nature, as long as they enter the park, they will quickly adapt to the park environment. However, there are some exceptions. We can take the dog to experience it for a short time in advance. If the dog is not in good condition, we can take it home in time.

2. Deworming in advance

Before going to the park, be sure to give your dog the necessary vaccinations, such as rabies, in time. For some formal pet parks, they will require dogs to have the latest relevant vaccinations. In addition, if you go out for the first time, it is recommended that you take some medicines and vitamins necessary for your dog with you.

3. Don’t leave your dog alone

Remember not to leave your dog alone in the park, there are many reasons, first of all, the dog may be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar environment. Also, if it's a pet park, your dog may be in conflict with other dogs. Finally, leaving your dog alone in the park can make some people feel uneasy and intimidated.

4. Advance socialization training

Parks are not suitable for dogs who are not yet command trained and not fully socialized. In order to show respect to others, your dog must obey your commands without losing control and interfering with other dogs.

Under-socialized dogs will be afraid and nervous about unfamiliar environments and other dogs, and it is easy to cause conflicts in the park. Therefore, it is recommended that dogs must be socialized from an early age, or seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer.

5. Prevent fleas

The most feared thing when taking a dog to the park to play is bugs. Using preventive medicine in advance can effectively prevent fleas from climbing on the dog. After returning, it is recommended to take a bath or wash the soles of the feet with deworming shampoo, and remove the hair to check whether there are insects crawling on the body.