The iceberg model is a model proposed by the famous American psychologist McClelland in 1973 to comprehensively describe the elements of a person's individual literacy. The iceberg model divides the difference of individual qualities of people into the surface "above the iceberg" and the deep "below the iceberg" through the iceberg.

It means that a person's "self" is like an iceberg. What people can see is only a very small part of the behavior on the surface, while a larger part of the inner world is hidden in a more comprehensive and deep level, and is hidden from view. The part on the water surface and in the depths can be seen vaguely, that is to say, the subconscious of this part can also be clearly exposed to people under certain conditions.

The iceberg model is an important way to achieve self-knowledge. The different manifestations of people's individual qualities are divided into the surface "above the iceberg" and the deep "below the iceberg". In layman's terms, it is the explicit and implicit qualities.

We can see that the parts on the iceberg are knowledge and skills. These things are very obvious, easy to be inspected, and easy to acquire through learning.

The underside of the iceberg includes abilities and talents. This part is the part on the water surface and in the depths, which can be vaguely seen, that is, people's abilities can also be clearly revealed under certain conditions. Including learning ability, thinking ability, communication ability, coordination ability, problem-solving ability, etc.

So how should we create conditions so that our abilities can be clearly displayed?

Learn and keep accumulating. Don't underestimate a little daily accumulation. Maybe an accumulation that you don't think is important one day can play a big role in the future. But in life, many people work for the sake of work when they are at work, and work hard all day to complete the task. The mountains of work piled up every day make them feel stressed, but they never think about how to improve efficiency or what the ultimate goal of doing this is. Over time, they remained in place without any progress.

There must be methods for action, choose the method that suits you, work hard to practice what you have learned, and continue to combine your own experience in practice, and eventually you will continue to improve.

Face life with confidence. Maybe sometimes, there will be failures, but everyone must have a confident attitude. It's not scary to fall, what's scary is that you can't stand up. As long as a person has a confident attitude, whether it is doing things or doing other things, they can exert 100% of your ability.