Basketball can attract so many people to choose it, there must be its charm. Friendly confrontation, fair play and enthusiastic flying are basketball's strengths. Basketball is ultimately about throwing into the basket, and it represents a kind of goal.

Do you feel the charm of basketball?

1. It is good for the body.

Enhance heart function.

When playing basketball, muscle activity is tense, heart work increases, myocardial blood supply and metabolism are strengthened, myocardial fibers become thicker, heart wall thickens, heart volume increases, and pulsation becomes favorable, thereby effectively preventing cardiovascular disease.

2. Improve physical fitness.

When playing basketball, it is necessary to maximize the mobilization and exertion of the functions of various organ systems in the body, such as neuroregulation, enhanced breathing, and accelerated blood circulation. Over time, physical fitness will naturally continue to improve.

There are many other physical benefits as well.

3. Can improve interpersonal relationships.

It's a multiplayer sport, and it's hard to play basketball alone. You can interact with your friends and improve relationships through basketball games.

4. Easy to learn.

Because basketball is actually a relatively easy sport to learn.

5. Have fun.

Basketball is a very interesting sport. Once you like it, you will want to practice it regularly.

What does a full basketball kit include?

1. Sneakers, jerseys, shorts, socks and basketballs.

If the weather is hot and you need a vest made of cotton mesh, it will definitely absorb sweat better.

It is best to have a pair of sneakers each in the infield and outfield. It is best to choose a good pair of sneakers in the infield. In the outfield, it is better to have a larger size, which is more comfortable to play.

2. Elbow pads, finger pads, wrist pads, ankle pads and other protective equipment.

Try to choose a protective gear that can fit the skin slightly, but does not affect the movement. It can also keep out the cold in winter.

3. Headbands, towels, drinking glasses and other auxiliary equipment are also essential.

Fierce fighting on the sports field will inevitably cause some physical injuries, contusions, fractures, etc. are often sad.

In fact, if you prepare before exercising, you can avoid this situation very well.

1. Run around the basketball court. It is best to run a few hundred meters to warm up before playing basketball.

2. Before playing basketball, you need to do some warm-up exercises, such as leg extension, wrist rotation and relaxation, as well as some waist and abdomen swing and relaxation movements.

Leg extension is especially important because playing basketball requires a lot of running and more explosive power. Therefore, running for a long time can cause leg cramps.

How attractive is basketball? It represents a love.