Fitness isn't just for health and beauty, there are hidden benefits of fitness that you may not realize.

1. Reset the mood

One of the best ways to save yourself from depression is exercise.

Exercise can not only let you forget your troubles and increase your sense of happiness, but also make you burst with positive energy. Don't just overeat when you're in a bad mood or frustrated. Go to the gym and sweat a little, and it will save your soul right away! full HP resurrection!

2. Stimulate the hidden skills of the human body

The human body is very wonderful and complex, and everyone has unlimited untapped potential.

Fitness can not only make you energetic and make your brain more flexible, but also increase your potential value and develop your potential. Meet your higher self!

People who rely on creativity to eat are more likely to generate creative ideas after exercise.

3. Become a better person

A person with good physique must be self-disciplined and active, with high self-demand and good quality.

Scientists have found that explosive, strength-based, anaerobic exercise, such as weight training, performs best between 4 and 8 in the evening, while 6 to 10 in the morning is the worst time for strength.

In contrast, moderate-to-low-intensity aerobic exercise is less affected by the day-night cycle. Some people like to run and swim in the morning, while others like to go to the gym and ride a flywheel after dinner and before bed. No matter what kind of aerobic it is, its exercise performance has nothing to do with the biological clock, and running in the morning or evening is basically the same.

Although the performance of high-intensity exercise or weight training is better in the evening, friends who are used to exercising in the morning should not worry too much. Research has shown that the body adapts to specific training times. In other words, people who are used to exercising in the morning will have stronger strength in the morning than in the afternoon. Those who are used to practicing in the evening will further widen the gap between the strength in the morning and the evening.

Exercise is a lifetime thing, and the first priority for beginners is to establish a habit, not to give up halfway, so there is no pressure, and the time when you can exercise well is a good time. Friends with more flexible time may be better off doing weight training in the afternoon. And aerobic exercisers don't have to worry about this, it's good to practice anytime.

If you have just started exercising, or are planning to start exercising. Here are some suggestions for you.

First, when a novice is exercising, first understand that fitness is divided into two levels: aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercise is mainly divided into: walking, jogging, fast running, swimming, cycling, skipping and so on. Anaerobic exercise is mainly divided into: squats, push-ups, irons and other exercises that cannot be sustained for a long time. It is generally recommended that a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise and anaerobic first and then aerobic.

Second, for the exercise of the large and small muscle groups of the body, it is recommended to exercise the large muscle groups first and then the small muscle groups. The large muscle groups are mainly the basic structure of a body, and the small muscle groups are mainly some subtle muscle types. . The muscle groups of the body cannot be trained frequently. Every time you perform strength training, you should pay attention to ensure adequate rest. Large muscle groups need to rest for 72 hours, and small muscle groups need to ensure 48 hours of rest.

Third, to achieve good results in fitness is inseparable from diet. Sometimes diet is more important than exercise, ensuring three meals a day, and also with a reasonable diet can also improve your body's metabolism, ensure daily nutrition, and also help your body build muscle and restore damaged muscles.

Fourth, good sleep. To achieve good results in fitness, you must ensure adequate sleep. When your body is in a state of exhaustion and muscles are not fully rested, damaged muscles take longer to recover, which also inhibits muscle growth.