Many people enjoy the night life. All the time during the day is used to go to work or do other things. After 12 midnight, they become very lively in these places, and there are many people in these places to revel for it, bringing fun to people in such a nightlife.

The United States has ranked the cities that never sleep based on the activity of the world's major cities at night. Here is the list.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is known for its nightlife, electronic music originating from the island, and its summer club scene, all of which attract huge numbers of tourists. In the years leading up to 2010, the island's government and the Spanish Tourism Board have been working to promote more family-oriented tourism.

Everyone who likes to party makes a pilgrimage to Ibiza at least once, and the playing field is not as much as their life experiences. In Ibiza, you can party on the beach by day and dance with the best DJs in the world by night.

2. Berlin

Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media and science, as well as a tourist destination. Modern Berlin is home to world-renowned universities, orchestras, museums and entertainment venues, and is the host city for many sporting events.

The city is known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary art and high quality of life, and there are plenty of great clubs to experience that are guaranteed to make you forget about sleep.

3. New York

New York is the city that never sleeps, and the reason it makes this list is simply because there are different events every night of the week. With warehouse parties in Brooklyn, hipster queues in the East Village, hotel lounges, indie rock gigs, loft parties, hip-hop, jazz, heavy metal, and opera, you'll be delighted to be in this city.

4. Sao Paulo, Brazil

The dark horse on this list is Sao Paulo, Brazil's cultural heart, often overshadowed by the beauty and enchanting Rio de Janeiro. While the city isn't as dazzling as Rio de Janeiro, if you dig deeper into the city, you'll find that, at night, it's better than anywhere else in the world.

The best is to dance with an ebullient Brazilian until he/she has to go straight to work after 1am on Thursday.

5. London

Considered one of the world's leading "global cities", London remains the capital of international culture, music, education, fashion, politics, finance and trade. London nightclubs are some of the most luxurious and prestigious in the world. You can enjoy a lot of great music here.

6. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the world's leading tourism, economic, trade and cultural centres. Its influence in business, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and art has all contributed to its status as one of the world's leading cities. The rest of the city is more fun at night, clubs don't open until 1am and most of the top clubs are scattered in the northern part of the city.

7. Las Vegas

"Sin City" has something for everyone. Coming to this place, you'll tend to stick to a tent on the south end of the Strip, but it's hard to have a bad night in Vegas. It's a place where you're willing to spend your money, get to the nightclub early or endure a two-hour line.

8. Buenos Aires

Paris in the South says "Buenos Aires has created a new world for crazy Spaniards who eat dinner at midnight and dance until dawn." Although the city isn't as cheap as it used to be, But it's still a relatively cheap one among the world's major cities, and there's also the rock and roll that the locals love.