In our leisure time, there are many ways to entertain us and let our tired body completely relax. For example, watching a movie with family members and eating something can also increase the emotional connection between them.

While watching a movie at home, try making your own healthy and convenient snacks. For example, caramel popcorn. It requires few ingredients, including cooking oil, butter, sugar, and corn kernels specially made for popcorn.

Here's how to make caramel popcorn. First, heat the oil in a wok over medium heat. When small bubbles start to form, pour in the corn kernels, allowing the oil to cover all the corn kernels, then stir fry twice. When the kernels begin to pop, put the lid on. During the process, you can shake the pot body twice, and pour it out after the corn kernels burst. Next, pour sugar and water into a pot in a ratio of 1:2. After the popcorn becomes caramelized, add a small piece of butter, after the butter melts, pour the popcorn into the pan, stir fry until it is colored, and finally remove the oil to control the oil. Homemade popcorn is more crispy and delicious than bought outside. The caramel evenly coats each popcorn and is deliciously sweet. Spend quality time with your family with a bucket of delicious popcorn.

In addition, an indispensable tool for relaxation at home is the lazy sofa. The lazy sofa has no fixed shape, you can lie down and sit casually. It is also a kind of relaxation to lay down on such a sofa without any pressure and to lay down wholeheartedly on such a sofa. It is precisely because the beanbag has no fixed shape, so there are no restrictions on our movements. We can change the pose at will in 360°.

Generally speaking, the fabric used for the lazy sofa is polyester-cotton canvas, which is brighter in color, will not have cotton balls, will not fade or deform. Moreover, the lazy sofa has no wood for support, and is generally designed with cloth and sponge, so it feels very comfortable to sit on. In addition, the lazy sofa has the advantage of being easy to move. When watching a movie at home, you can move around freely to find the best viewing spot.