Taking a plane is a very convenient means of transportation. It gets us to our destination quickly and saves a lot of time. For ordinary people who do not fly often, they need to prepare in advance to spend this time comfortably.

1. Carry bag

Some people find it easy and quick to bring just one carry-on bag on the plane. Because the boarding box has to be placed on the overhead luggage rack, it is very inconvenient to alert people around you to take things. Therefore, when traveling, a large carry-on school bag is very important. Passport, driver's license, earphones, and wallet can be taken at any time.

2. Spare jacket

After flying high, the temperature inside a long-haul plane is relatively low. If the flight attendant happens to run out of blankets, the friends who don't get them will have a hard time. It is best to bring a thicker long sleeve, just in case.

3. neck pillow

The neck pillow is really a good savior when sleeping on the plane. If it is staggered, it is easy to sleep on the neck or sleep uncomfortable. If you are afraid of light or sound, it is recommended to wear eye masks, earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones!

4. Moisturizers

No matter how much moisturizing you do before your flight, delicate young people will feel extremely dry when they arrive on the plane! Be sure to keep moisturizing products such as hand cream and lip balm in your bag. In addition, you can also bring a few masks and eye masks, and take advantage of this time to be a beauty.

5.Toothbrush or mouthwash

It is easy to dry your mouth on a long-haul plane, and keeping your breath fresh is also a respect for the passengers sitting around you, so toothbrushes or mouthwashes are strongly recommended items to bring. And if you get off the plane and have friends who will pick you up, you can also leave a better impression.