Because of its extremely fast running speed, it is called the cheetah. Inhabits temperate and savanna, including semi-desert and savanna, with sparse trees and exposed rocks. It is the fastest land animal in the world.

There are two subspecies of cheetah, one African and one Asian. The cheetah is mainly found in Africa, and has lived in India in Asia.

The cheetah in India is also called the Indian cheetah, but it is extinct.

Why do cheetahs run so fast?

Zoologists believe that this is due to the cheetah's own conditions.

Its body shape is high in front and short in back, thin waist, thin front legs, wide hips, thin hind legs, and large arc; wide chest, large lungs, thick nose, and large breathing; four paws with thick pads, suitable for running.

Also, it is closely related to the way it hunts its prey. When cheetah hunts prey, as long as it finds a target within half a kilometer, it will chase and run faster.

Its habits.

Activity time.

A cheetah lives a very regular life. It starts to go out in the morning in search of food. It walks very alertly, stopping from time to time to see if there is any prey around it to eat, while also preventing other predators from preying on it.

Usually rest at noon, very vigilant when napping. The walking distance is about 5-10 kilometers every day. Although cheetahs are good at running, they don't walk very far.


They hunt in the early morning and evening. It includes prey detection, stalking, chasing, tripping (or capturing prey), and suffocation.


Cheetahs are carnivores. The cheetah's prey includes: gazelle, impala, small wildebeest, etc., and will also attack zebras when food is scarce. In addition, ostriches are often preyed on by cheetahs.


Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land, reaching speeds of up to 115 kilometers per hour.

The cheetah runs so fast, but it is a test of its entire body's respiratory system and circulatory system.

When a cheetah runs at a speed of more than 115 kilometers, both the respiratory and circulatory systems are overloaded.

If the heat is expelled, it is more prone to collapse symptoms, so the cheetah generally can only sprint a few hundred meters to slow down.

Natural enemy.

The lion is the natural enemy of the cheetah. The survival rate of leopard cubs is low, with two-thirds of cubs killed by lions and hyenas before they are a year old. A lot of cubs also starved to death.

Because cheetahs are wild animals, they look fierce. Most of the time you won't see him.