The giraffe is the tallest living animal and one of the most familiar African animals. It has large brown eyes with protruding eyeballs that can be rotated to give it a wide field of vision. In addition, the giraffe's body is very high, so it is like a living "observation tower".

With a leisurely gait, giraffes are gentlemen of the animal kingdom. However, giraffes can run quickly over short distances when attacked by an enemy, and the running posture is clumsy. First, the head and neck stretch forward, then they retract the head and neck, swinging alternately. A giraffe's heart is too small to run long distances.

Both male and female giraffes have a pair of small short horns on the top of their heads, with a light brown background, which do not shed for life. In addition, it has two horns behind the ears and behind the eyes, but they are not noticeable. Some male giraffes also have an horn in the center of their forehead. Therefore, they have 6-7 corners.

Giraffes live in the savannah, and their long necks and long legs make great cooling towers. Due to its large surface area, it is conducive to heat dissipation and can be well adapted to the surrounding environment. Moreover, giraffes have a large lung capacity, which is conducive to breathing fresh air and expelling exhaust gas.

Because of their long legs, it is very inconvenient for giraffes to drink water. They have to spread their front legs or kneel on the ground to drink, and they are very vulnerable to other animals while drinking, so giraffes that live in groups tend not to drink together.

Giraffes mainly eat the leaves and branches of various tall trees, especially the leaves of the mimosa. A single giraffe can eat 63 kilograms of leaves and twigs a day. They have long tongues and tend to roll up leaves to feed into their mouths when eating leaves.

Giraffes sleep very little, usually only two hours a night. Giraffes sleep standing up most of the time. This is because their necks are too long. If they slept lying down, it took a full minute to get up from the ground, which greatly reduced their ability to escape while sleeping. Therefore, it is a very dangerous thing for a giraffe to lie down and sleep.