Pineapple is a very common fruit in our daily life. At the same time, pineapple juice prepared with pineapple and salt is very popular. Everyone can add their favorite accessories to pineapple juice according to their own preferences, which is delicious and healthy.

Drinking pineapple juice can quench thirst and replenish energy. Pineapple contains many nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids, as well as various trace elements. Drinking pineapple juice in moderation can effectively promote body metabolism and enhance resistance. let's take a look at its effect.

1. Clean up the stomach

Bromelain in pineapple juice can effectively decompose protein in food and increase gastrointestinal motility. Friends who are often troubled by constipation can try drinking a glass of freshly squeezed pineapple juice every morning, I believe it will definitely solve your troubles.

2. Relieve dizziness

If we are dizzy, drinking more pineapple juice can also effectively help us treat the neurasthenia that occurs, and it is very effective in helping us relieve dizziness and headaches.

3. Lower blood pressure

Pineapple juice contains a large amount of trace elements, such as a large amount of potassium ions and calcium ions, which can help prevent edema and have the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

4. Promote appetite

Pineapple juice has the effect of promoting appetite and protecting the stomach. The reason why pineapple is attractive is because it has butyl acid in its ingredients, so it can stimulate the secretion of saliva and has the effect of promoting appetite.

5. Enhance immunity

Pineapple juice is rich in fructose, protein, crude fiber and various vitamins and other nutrients. Rich in vitamin B, it can effectively nourish the skin, prevent dry and cracked skin, moisturize the hair, and at the same time, it can also eliminate the tension of the body and enhance the immunity of the body.

Although pineapple juice is delicious, not everyone is suitable for drinking pineapple juice. Some people with special diseases may aggravate their condition if they drink pineapple juice. Let's take a look at some people who are not suitable for drinking pineapple juice.

1. People with a history of allergies

Some studies have shown that many people are allergic to the yeast in pineapple, and that after eating pineapple for 15 minutes or more, the enzyme can stimulate the body to make them feel sick, itchy, and worse, cause breathing difficulties. These cases are common and severe in patients with a history of allergic diseases such as urticaria and bronchial asthma.

2. Patients with bronchial asthma

Pineapple contains a strong irritant to mucous membranes, so when you eat a lot of pineapple, you often feel your mouth is hot and your throat is itchy. Therefore, people with a history of laryngitis and bronchial asthma should not eat too much to avoid the risk of disease recurrence and deterioration.

3. People with stomach pain

If you have stomach problems, you should avoid acidic drinks such as pineapple or lemon juice, apricot juice. They have properties that stimulate gastric acid secretion, damage the gastric mucosa, and make wounds difficult to heal.

4. The very hungry people

It is not suitable to eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice on an empty stomach, because the organic acids of pineapple and bromelain have a strong effect on the stomach and intestinal wall, which can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

5. Pregnant women in the first 3 months

According to scientists, pineapple contains bromelain substances, which can soften the uterus and stimulate uterine contractions, so pregnant women who eat too much pineapple in the first 3 months of pregnancy may cause miscarriage. In addition, eating a lot of pineapple can also cause diarrhea, which is very dangerous for pregnant women.