Coffee has become one of the necessary drinks for modern people whether at work or leisure time.

In order to adapt to the tastes of various consumers, there are various kinds of coffee.

1. Espresso

Italian concentrate is a type of coffee with a strong taste, invented and developed in Italy.

The production process is made by brewing under high pressure in a short time.

After the flavor of the coffee is concentrated, the taste is particularly strong.

The word espresso comes from Italian, meaning "fast".

It is a drink made from coffee extract, properly mixed and steamed with water and ground by a coffee machine.

It is brownish red in color and covered with coffee oil, accounting for 10% to 30% of the beverage.

It tastes smooth and full-bodied, without any additions, and the pleasant aroma can stay in the mouth for a few minutes after drinking.

2. Cafe Americano

American coffee is the most common coffee, which is made from black coffee made by drip filter coffee pot, or espresso with a lot of water.

Drinking a cup of authentic black coffee can taste the rich sweetness of the coffee itself.

If you don't like the bitterness of black coffee, you can add a little sugar and milk, and if you like to taste fresh, you can also add spices such as cinnamon as in the Middle East.

3. Latte

Latte is a classic blend of espresso and milk.

The Italian latte is plain milk and coffee, while the American latte replaces part of the milk with foam.

Its practice is simple, that is to pour nearly boiling milk into the just-made espresso.

There is no rigid regulation on how much milk is added and can be adjusted according to individual taste.

4. Ole Coffee

O'Lei coffee can be said to be an European latte, which is slightly different from American latte and Italian latte.

It pours a cup of espresso and a large cup of hot milk into the cup at the same time, and finally puts two tablespoons of whipped cream on the surface of the liquid.

To be exact, Ole Coffee belongs to the French version of the latte, which the French use with eulogy bread, which is a simple and delicious breakfast or afternoon tea.

5. Caramel macchiato

Caramel macchiato is concentrated with fresh cream, milk, and two tablespoons of milk foam to make a cup of macchiato.

Taste macchiato should be careful not to stir, find the right angle to drink directly, can still maintain the layered sense of coffee in the mouth.

6. Mocha Coffee

Mocha is usually made of 1/3 Italian concentrate and 2/3 milk foam, followed by a little chocolate (usually with chocolate syrup).

Because of the relationship between chocolate and milk, mocha tastes slightly sweeter and is more suitable for women to drink.