The villa not only covers a large area but also has a price several times that of an ordinary house. So, what is the difference between an ordinary house and a villa?

1. Ordinary housing is often relatively simple in structure and single in function, which is almost the same in design and has no change. The villa has individuation, different styles, complete functions and complete living facilities.

Due to the limitation of unified planning, the internal structure of ordinary housing, such as door orientation, living room, kitchen and bedroom, is relatively fixed

While high-end villa houses can be designed in architecture, reasonable arrangement of the internal structure and external shape of the villa, so that it has a more prominent personality and fashion style...

2. Outdoor space is the biggest advantage that distinguishes villas from ordinary houses.

Outdoor space is an integral part of the villa, and it may be even more important than the villa itself. The villa typically has two or three floors, similar to a duplex residence in a metropolitan area. The first floor contains functional spaces such as a foyer, dining room, kitchen, living room, and toilet, which meet the needs of daily life. The second floor is designed with a living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, and other functional spaces.

On the other hand, the environment outside the villa building allows one to be in a private garden and enjoy the beautiful scenery of freshness and nature. Furthermore, the outdoor space of adjacent villas influences each other, and even if it is a private courtyard, it should be coordinated with the landscape space system of the community. As a complete villa, its indoor living space and outdoor space should be unified and inseparable.

The villa house emphasizes "the life of the horizon", that is, the living space is concentrated on the ground floor, and the privacy of the indoor and outdoor living space on the ground floor is ensured as far as possible.

The distance between villa houses should be more than six meters, and trees, hedges, and other elements should be used to improve privacy so that the dislocation of adjacent residential windows is more obvious.

The characteristic of siheyuan in ordinary housing is that it also provides a special outdoor living space with a sense of privacy, which is a social network system with family as the centre, neighbours as the trunk line, and community area as the plane.

In this environment, there can be a sense of cohesion and harmony between people, as well as a sense of security, stability, and belonging. However, ordinary residential housing does not have the luxurious and beautiful, chic style of a villa courtyard.

3. Ordinary apartments seek common ground while reserving minor differences, whereas villas, due to their adequacy and flexibility of indoor and outdoor spaces, seek to emphasize major differences while preserving minor similarities.

As a general term for high-end housing, villas can be divided into different levels from the highest end to the lowest end. Different people have different lifestyles and concepts, and the influence of lifestyle on apartment type is completely different from that of ordinary apartments and villas. People choose villas, that is, they choose a new way of life.