Horses are our closest friends, they are very intelligent, with incredible speed . When modern vehicles such as cars and trains did not appear, they were our means of transportation . There are many breeds of horses, some of them have unique advantages.

1. Arabian

Arabian is known as the nobility of horses, it is the origin of all horse breeds in the world. Its height is usually about 1.42 to 1.5 meters, with slender hair and an outstanding tail. Arabian is beautiful because it has a unique bone ratio. Arabian is a "17-5-16" structure, which is roughly equivalent to the "golden section" of the equine body. The Arabian is slightly slower than the Thoroughbred, but has great potential and stamina, making it the horse of choice for long distance and endurance training.

2. Thoroughbred

The origin of Thoroughbred is the United Kingdom. It has a graceful head, a slender body, a broad chest and a short back. Thoroughbred's personality is sensitive and easily provoked. Thoroughbreds are usually chestnut, reddish-brown, brown, black or grey with white stripes on the head and lower limbs. In terms of speed, Thoroughbred's best record for the 1000m is 53.7 seconds and the 1600m is 1:31.8. Thoroughbred is also the world record holder for the high jump and long jump. Thoroughbred, although fast, has slightly less staying power and is not good at long distance races.

3. Lipizzaner

The pure-bred Lipizzaner is a very representative and excellent variety, and there are very few numbers in the world at present. Excellent Lipizzaner not only exudes beautiful and noble temperament, but also has both the characteristics of bravery and gentle temper, as well as superb learning ability. The Lipizzaner is a high equestrian horse, a symbol of strength and grace. Riding on the Lipizzaner is a pleasure, their broad, soft back, lively pace, and powerful hindquarters give them a natural sense of balance.

4. Hanoverian

The Hanoverian is a warmblooded horse that originated in Germany. The Hanoverian is one of the oldest, most numerous, and most successful warmbloods. The Hanoverian was originally used to pull wagons, and the purebred blood was injected to make it more agile and more practical in racing. Hanoverians are notoriously good-natured, athletic, beautiful and graceful. The main requirement of Hanoverian is a stable temperament. A typical Hanoverian should have a majestic appearance, without difficulty exuding confidence and natural pride. Best for horse riding and obstacle course riding.